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“Take Me There is an anthology of erotic fiction featuring trans and genderqueer protagonists. The book is edited by Tristan Taormino and features 29 titilating stories of love, lust sex…” (Read the full review via Un Frisson Nouveau: Take Me There)

Whenever I talk about educational porn, I’m mostly talking about Tristan Taormino. She’s amazing.

The list of contributors to this book is incredible — Sinclair Sexsmith, Tobi Hill-Meyer, Julia Serano, S. Bear Bergman… The editor, Tristan Taormino, is a big name as well and has done some amazing work as a writer and educator; she’s cis but partnered to someone who is trans and genderqueer. Sinclair Sexsmith has a great interview with her about this anthology:

“I absolutely believe that writing and publishing erotica, especially for minorities, is a political act. We must write our own stories, our own truths, otherwise our detractors and enemies will do it for us.”

Has anyone gotten their hands on a copy of Take Me There? What did you think?

super hot amazing and powerful~

Must check out.

…Now reading the intro. My internal. OCD. Language. Checker. Demands. Spaces. Between. Trans. And. Other. Words.

Trans. Person. Trans. Woman.

Ok, it’s going to take some willpower to read past those aggravating false compound words, but this seems to be a promising read spearheaded by a pornographerwoman cispersonauthor.

…I mean, really. This isn’t written in German, blogreaderpeople.

I think that might have been the publisher’s preference — when I got the proofs of my story to look over, the copy editor had tried to take the spaces out of “trans men” — but not “cis women,” oddly.

To their credit, though, they did put it back the way I was when I asked them to, so no harm done. I assume it was probably that the copy editor had just seen it done that way all over and didn’t realize it was supposed to be two words.

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    makes me really happy to know this exists! more nonconforming porn pls!
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    I’m a few stories in now. Hotter than I could have imagined! Just finished a story about a trans girl’s first time with...
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    I’ve got it! It’s my favorite erotica collection, ever. Lots of kink, lots of trans sex in an array of configurations,...
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    my gf bought me this book. its amazing.
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    Signed copies? Suddenly I know EXACTLY what I want for Christmas…
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    I think that might have been the publisher’s preference — when I got the proofs of my story to look over, the copy...
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