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Dream Hampton explained to me about how this is a time when women are fighting for their rights, and here’s a video that describes an assault. I’m actually a very knowledgeable brother, but Dream schooled me in the conversation. It really opened up my eyes to something I had not known about. She told me that if we were kids at a pool and I ran by and yanked her top down, it wouldn’t be a joke or a prank to her – that would be a traumatic incident, and it is along the lines of sexual assault. As little boys, we’re running around tapping girl’s a**es like it’s funny, but they’re really victimized by it. I learned that it’s not a joking matter. I feel like I needed that education because had I not, I could’ve continued thinking that it is a joke. Even with my music filled with misogyny, I still have morals.

Rapper Too $hort being accountable to the backlash surrounding his “fatherly advice” in XXL Magazine.


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Woooooow. Is this really where the average dude is at in terms of awareness? This is scary. But I guess it’s good folks are learning?

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Well, I’ll be damned! I’m all about #TeamBabySteps. Learning now is wayyyyyy better than never learning. 

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he also says, when the interviewer asks if Dream forgave him: “There can’t be any forgiveness. I don’t expect anybody to be like, ‘I forgive you for being remorseful.’ That’s bullsh*t. You’ve got to do something. I have to reverse the message.”

when Too fucking Short can understand this and professional f*eminists can’t?? yeah. of course it remains to be seen what he’s going to do, but i’d personally feel much more willing to work with someone who gets that saying “sorry” is not a get out of jail free card and that no one owes you their forgiveness.

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(via liquornspice) So too$hort can look at things from a woman’s perspective and feel a need to consider it but women who claim to speak for the race/gender cant? (via blackamazon)


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